We're Getting Back Soon!

September 22, 2021, 02:37 am


We are currently making a deal with Nexus-Games.Fr and hope all works out so well.

Credits : Benjamin | Nexus-Games#0595

----------------------------YugoWoW 255 Fun Related----------------------------
A huge update is cooking guys, prepare yourself and get ready for it.

Small Information about it : 

New C++ Scripts [Morpher-Top 5 PVP and more...]

New Upcoming Christmas 2022 with a lot of content and updates.

----------------------------Nexus 255 Fun Related----------------------------

Yeah Like you read it, In 2022 a New realm is coming up [Nexus 255 Fun]

What about this realm and how it's going to be ?


  1. Leveling From 1 - 255 Long Term Leveling Server with A Low-Increased Stats.
  2. Level 255 You'll have a mission Depends on your Class.
  3. No Boring Dungeons and Raids [RUN FAST AND KILL FASTER].
  4. Working RDF.
  5. Balanced Classes[Actual Balance].
  6. Farmable Donor [Won't be Called Donor Gear it'll be Nexus Gear].
  7. All in One Vendor.
  8. There won't be a real Mall But main Location is Dalaran.
  9. Quests and Items buying and so will be in Pets.

Much more..


Best Regards


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